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World India Maharashtra Mumbai Marine Drive (Mumbai)
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India Maharashtra Marine Drive (Mumbai)


Wending its way around the bay, Marine Drive is one of the most scenic stretches of road on the Arabian coast. It is officially known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road. But since that was a bit of a mouthful they shortened it to Marine Drive.

Whoever you are, this 4 kilometer long curved avenue has plenty of space for everyone. Whether it’s an end to your crappy day or the commencement of waterlogged monsoons this is every Mumbaikar’s and every traveler’s peace place, even in midst of deafening traffic. Commencing from the western side of Charni Road it goes up till Nariman Point, even from a car or taxi it gives an unwanted mushy feeling about the true essence of this city. It is also commonly referred as Queen’s Necklace as during the nightfall it looks like elegant piece of jewelry, a result of the yellow street lights. Again this massive promenade overlooking the Arabian Sea is Bollywood’s favorite child the city’s oldest member. So if the next time you are in town ditch the monotonous and walk along this boulevard and a major tip: do cuddle with a lot of dogs and puppies that come in your way, it is priceless trust us.

Day or night, you’ll find a healthy amount of tourists and locals, taking in the sights and enjoying the views.

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