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World India West Bengal Kolkata Gurusaday Museum
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India West Bengal Gurusaday Museum


Located in Joka, Gurusaday Museum is in a class of its own. You have probably seen nothing like it. This place is a world where the folk art and culture of undivided Bengal comes to life like nowhere else. As a district collecter between 1929 and 1939, Gurusaday Dutta turned into a veritable collector of brilliant traditional art specimens from various parts of the interiors of Bengal. The entire collection came under the care of the Bratachari Society created by Dutta himself. The museum was opened in 1961 by the then Bengal chief minister, Dr Bidhan Chandra Ray. This museum has a collection of over 3300 art pieces from all over Bengal thereby bringing alive the culture of the rural sections of the state. Religious beliefs to the aesthetics of the rural way of life, everything comes to the fore. There's a fabulous restoration workshop, a fantastic library that subscibes to a huge collection of magazenes on folklore, art and craft. The collection is built upon constantly and this place is definitely a must see if you are remotely interested in History, Archaeology, Aesthetics, Anthropology or simply Beauty. There's a lovely garden where you may ruminate after the collection has totally blown your mind. 

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