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World India West Bengal Kharagpur Jhargram
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India West Bengal Jhargram


Located at a distance of around 169 Kms from Kolkata in West Midnapore, Jhargram is a most fabulous weekend destination. The Saal and Mohua forests couple with the fragrant red soil to give this place its distinct flavour of Tribal Bengal. Jhargram has the heritage of a royal past and the temples and palaces here testify to it. Situated between the Belpahari and Kakrajhol ranges, this place abounds in natural beauty as well.

The Jungle Mahal temples that include the temple of Sabitri, the temple of Durga, the Kanak Temple and the Umapati Temple. The time worn appearances of these gorgeous places of worship make these fascinating subjects of observation by the history enthusiasts and architects besides photographers out to capture the flavour of Bengal. Other places of immense beauty that will put the mind at rest are the Deer Part, the Hatibari, the Belapahari and Salboni. Starting from a natural habitat for various interesting animals to mountain ranges giving way to rivers, this place has it all. The palaces are also very interesting. The Chilkigarh Raj Palace is clearly a witness to immense glory and the Jhargram Palace, the seat of the Malla Deb Royal family is a fabulous place to halt at. The gardens, the architecture, the mysterious surroundings all make for a grand retreat. Jhargram is a total must-see especially if you are a back-packer or a lover of road-trips.   

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