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World India West Bengal Kharagpur Jhargram Palace
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India West Bengal Jhargram Palace


Jhargram is a place very close to Midnapore it is the paradise of nature lovers with bountiful forests endowed with rich flora and fauna. The ancient temples, majestic palaces and the folk songs make it all the more an attractive destination of tourists who love to discover the unknown and unaffected beauties of nature. Its famous for the Jhargram Raj Palace or Rajbari, it is a palace which was turned into a tourist accommodation. This palace has a very impressive opulent Italianate architecture in 1931, this palace was designed by the Calcutta trust during the reign of Raja Bahadur.

There are a few direct trains from Kolkata to Jhargram available on days Other attractions of this place are – Radha Krishna temple , Kanak Durga temple , Chilkigarh raj palace , Deer Park , Jungle Mahal and its Rose garden all these places are located in a radius of 12- 15 km from Jhargram. Doolung Guest House in the Jhargram Paschim Medinipur Ph: 03221-255909 is a place you can stay in during your visit to this beautiful place. Enjoy the experience.

The groundfloor of the Jhargram Palace is now converted into a heritage hotel in collaboration with WBTDC.

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