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World India West Bengal Kharagpur Belpahari
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India West Bengal Belpahari


Belpahari is a village located in Medinipur in the state of West-Bengal. It is surrounded nearby by many villages namely Banspahari, Ergoda, Kanko and a few more. The Ghagra Waterfalls, Tarafeni River Dam, dense forest and the city around are the major attractions to this place. With the simplistic approach of the locals and the natural ambience of the place, Belpahari gives you an opportunity to understand the working of a rural town. Local handicrafts could find their way through here and if the tourist gets lucky he could sure get something more during his travel. Due to the frontline frequent killings of CPI (Marxist) leaders and supporters repeatedly by the CPI (Maoist) we would suggest you that you understand risk involved and only then decide to be here. Home stays are available in the village itself. This place has a lot for you to explore and enjoy, so make the best out of it.

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