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World Nepal Bagmati Kathmandu Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple)
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Bagmati Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple)


A world heritage site, a blend of Hindu beliefs and Tibetan customs, the Swayambhunath Stupa has been one of the most favorite depictions of Nepal altogether. Situated on a hilltop aloof from the civilization, the stupa offers one of the most breath taking views of the Kathmandu valley. On top of the white dome structure, the famed Buddha’s eyes are painted which lazily stare out to the valley. A recommended stop for everyone travelling Kathmandu should make.

Surrounding temples and attractions have some of the most fascinating stories to tell. One of Nepal’s oldest temples, best visited on foot through the 365 steps stairway from the eastern side, an alternative would be to drive to the west and climb only a couple of stairs. The 365 steps run through an entire forest which is entirely populated with hundreds of monkeys, giving it the name of the Monkey temple. The significance of this temple for Hindus as well as for Buddhist has been considered very important. The myths about the temple range from the Bodhisttava Manjushri draining a lake and the magical appearance of the stupa to the Mughals invading it for gold and so on. All in all Swayambhunath has always been iconic and will always be a corridor to a world full of mystical stories and simpler serene times.

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