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World Nepal Bagmati Kathmandu Thamel Chowk
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Bagmati Thamel Chowk


Thamel Chowk is the shopper’s hub, the place to buy, sell, rent, enjoy. Located on the north region of Kathmandu, this is the one stop solution for all your problems while in Kathmandu. Crowded streets, lined up with shops on all the ends. Hotels ranging from luxury to economical, shops for hiking gears, clothing, eateries and what not. Thamel is considered to be like a base stay to around the valley. Cheap and friendly with a 1000 things to do in and around. Usually people going for treks and expeditions often set up their base here, do some shopping, enquire about the local conditions and head up to the hills.

Biggest tourist attraction, the place which housed maximum number of western hippies years earlier. An easy walk from anywhere in central Kathmandu, with some of the most affordable and hygienic places to sleep and eat. Thamel has a variety of shops and stalls and one can actually get lost in the streets of Thamel chowk. Being a jam packed tourist destination, Thamel has been known for its scams as well so the first time visitors should be very careful with people trying to sell things and being extra sweet then necessary. The original prices on things are usually 2-3 times less then what a shopkeeper says, also many people have reported important documents stolen so one must be careful and cautious while making friends in this place.

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