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World Nepal Bagmati Kathmandu Narayanhiti Palace
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Bagmati Narayanhiti Palace


The unsettling, secretive downfall of the Nepal’s Monarchy has always been something very interesting. For anyone willing to know about this country, Narayanhiti palace museum recently opened up and lets you judge the case for yourself. A history buff? A follower of the state craft? Or just willing to experience the dilemma between power, money and reputation? This is the go to place. Although the museum’s been open for public to view and take a tour of the noble lifestyle, a direct contact with any object has been restricted, neither are all the rooms open for the public. Nepal being a country with a decent love-hate relationship with the monarch rulers has indeed saved the remains in a fancy way. Strangely this rebuild structure supposed to represent Nepal has been designed by a foreign Californian architect. Be well informed about the public holidays or any particular event which could cause the museum to shut. Generally entrance between 11 am-4 pm on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday are permitted. Admission charges vary from visitors of Nepal, SAARC to Chinese visitors.

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