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World Sri Lanka Central Province Nuwara Eliya Lover's Leap Falls, Nuwara Eliya
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Nuwara Eliya
Central Province Lover's Leap Falls, Nuwara Eliya


One of the most spectacular waterfalls in Sri Lanka, the Lover’s Leap Falls is a small runlet which originates from the country’s tallest mountain Piduruthalagala and turns into a massive stream. It falls from a height of 90ft. which makes it a spectacular view. An interesting thing about this fall is the presence of a slump in the downstream to collect water for a portable water system.

There is a folklore attached to this place. The fall is said to have derived its name from the tragic tale of a prince. Once, a prince lost his way while hunting in the jungle and was rescued by a damsel in distress. Thus, love bloomed between the two and they became inseparable lovers. But as happens in every love story, there was opposition to their match by the prince’s subject, and so the two decided to immortalize their love. They leapt from the top of this fall to their death. Since then the falls has been called Lover’s Leap Falls.

There are many superstitious villagers who avoid the fall at night, but as said it is just a superstition! The walk to the fall is very picturesque and the main footpath takes you right up to the main fall. This is the perfect spot to bathe in the sun and admire the stunning view whilst enjoying the spray of the water fall.

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