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World India Uttarakhand Nainital Dorothy’s seat
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India Uttarakhand Dorothy’s seat


At 7520ft, located at Ayarpatta hill, this is one of the highest points in Nainital. Unarguably the best scenic spot in Nainital, this wonderful spot is named after the British artist Dorothy Kellet. The trip to Tiffin top is best enjoyed if you take a walk up the hill. Those who are not athletic enough for a trek or with kids, they can take up a pony ride from Bara Pather, which is even more fun.

The wonderful scenery around you along the snaking path and the cool breeze with the scent of deodars and oaks that hug you through the way is a pleasant invite for the views that unfold at the top. The grand stretches of mountains that unfold in front of you, until it fades into the snowcapped Himalayas is a magnificent sight.  The bird’s eye view of Naini Lake and the enclosing Nainital city that twinkles amidst the lush woods is simply outstanding. On clear days one can get a brilliant view of Himalayas from here. A trek up to tiffin top is a photographer’s heaven.

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