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Historical, Garden
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6AM - 6PM
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1 Hour
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Spread over 90 acres, Lodi Garden is a park in New Delhi. The Lodi garden is an existing historical relic of the Lodi and Sayyid Dynasties which can be found admits the city of Delhi. Initially, during the 15 and 16th century it had existed in the form of Village settlements but under the British Rule, it had been transformed into its existing form. For a while, it had been known as Lady Willington Park but then its name had been changed to Lodi Gardens.

The current garden structure consists of a lot of greenery and water sources which attracts a lot of birds like hornbills, parakeets, kites and also human beings. Many people visit the garden daily to take morning or evening walks. During winters the garden becomes the perfect picnic destination.

Inside the garden, tombs of important rulers like Muhammad Shah and Sikandar Lodi can be found. The Bara Gumbad and Sheesh Gumbad are important tombs located inside the Garden. Tourists can also take a look at the Athpula which is on the eastern side of Sikandar Lodi’s tomb. The Athpula is a bridge consisting of eight piers, which came up during the reign of Akbar.

There are many other historically and culturally significant places located near the Lodi garden which include the India Gate, the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Lotus Temple, and Nizam-ud-dins Shrine. Almost everybody feels worn out sometimes in Delhi, and that’s what these gardens are for. A place for runners, yogis and lovers, the green leaves refresh the eyes of tired city dwellers. Avoid Sundays if you’re after quiet. The park is open daily, on Lodi Road near Humayun’s Tomb.

Many of Delhi’s street markets are located nearby such as the Khan Market, Chandni Chowk and so on. 



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Traveller Community User
Jul 09, 2014
Best time to visit is either early morning or evening when the sunlight is soft and the tombs are beautifully lit up.
I like it
Traveller Community User
Jul 09, 2014
Lodi garden also has National Bonsai Park, which has a wide variety miniature trees.
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