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World India Delhi New Delhi Purana Qila - Delhi
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Historical, Fort, Monument
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India Delhi Purana Qila - Delhi


Sprawling on the banks of Yamuna River, constructed by Humayun and Sher Shah in 15th century, the Old fort majestically stands today as an enjoyable place with open green spaces for those who love historic architecture. Made with red sandstone and Marble, and Lodhi (Mughal-Hindu-Afghan) style of Architecture, it stands more than 33 mts high and covers an area of over 2.4 sq. kms.

The walls of Purana Quila have three gates - the Humayun Darwaza, Talaqi Darwaza (The forbidden gate) and Bara Darwaza. The notable attractions are the Sher Mandal- Humayun’s Library and the Quila-i-kunha Mosque within the fort.  Mosque which served Shah and his courtiers for offering prayers has separate prayer hall for female courtiers on its second story.

Legend is that fort stands at the site of Excavation, the Capital Town of Pandavas and was called as Indraprastha in those days.  The nearest metro station is Pragati Maidan. The Fort is open on all days from 8am to 6pm.

Perfect time to visit is 3pm in the months from October to March, to experience the “perfect Delhi” weather. Explore the fort till evening and take a boat ride in the adjacent lake, followed by watching the marvelous light and sound show, known to take you back in the history of Ancient India. Overall, it’s a pleasant place to observe history.

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