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A scenic spot at the fringes of Panch Pulla or Five bridges is a thriving little setup in the lap of Mother Nature. Whispering woods entwined in the magic of hushing streams and the old battered bridges makes this place a picture perfect picnic spot.

The tomb of Shahit Ajit Singh, uncle of Shahit Bhagat Singh located at a strategic point, where fingers of many streams meet together, is another famous and beautiful landmark in this town. The steady streams of Panch Pulla form the main water source for Dalhousie and their surroundings. There are some interesting trails branching out from here leading you to Dainkund (Dayankund) Range through the rocky grooves that inundate the Panch Pulla streams.

There are some small food and beverage outlets and tea stalls around. To stand by the stream that kisses us with its drizzles, feeling the sweet forest breeze that brushes past, sipping a cup of hot chai while our eyes wander over the ravishing beauty of nature, is a truly mesmerizing experience to say the least.

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