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World India Rajasthan Ajmer Kuchaman Fort
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India Rajasthan Kuchaman Fort


Kuchaman fort is the place embossed in the History of the Royals of Jodhpur as the place where the gold and silver coins for their dynasty were produced. Also famous for unique water harvesting system in the district, this fort is worth a visit to learn how the locals value the importance of saving water.

Kuchaman located in the Nagaur district is a silent city that is famous for the Kuchaman fort which stands tall on a 1000ft high cliff. The fort has a Sheesh Mahal which is a display of intricately designed glass work at the fort. Visit the Meera Mahal to see the grandeur of the paintings related to Merra Bai’s life. Visit the royal pool named the Jal Mahal and the Sabha prakash to relive every moment of the Royal lifestyle. When at Kuchaman do pay obeisance to the Lok Dev temple and Ganesh Dungri which is a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh. Do not forget the Shakti Peeth Shekhambari located 3 Km from Kuchaman.

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