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World India West Bengal Kolkata Chandannagar
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India West Bengal Chandannagar


Formerly known as Chandannagore, Chandannagar is located some 30 KMs north of Kolkata on the shores of Hooghly River. Chandannagar used to be a French colony and has its own identity little different from rest of West Bengal.

While you are in Chandannagar, we must have a leisure stroll on the pavements on bank of Hooghly River amidst of lush green trees. This is spot is popularly known as Chandannagore Strand. If you are intrigued of French antiques and artifacts, then you should visit the Chandannagore Museum and Institute. Tourists who are attracted by historical establishments must pay a visit to Sacred Heart Church in this city. The Patal- Bari of Chandannagar stands for the vivid architectural style of ancient time. Its lowest floor lay under the Ganges River Bed. The Patal- Bari was often frequented by renowned poet Rabindranath Tagore in his days. There are temple dedicated to Kali, Chandi and Shiva which can be visited while you are in Chandannagar.

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