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World India West Bengal Kolkata Bandel Church
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India West Bengal Bandel Church


You feel closer to God  when you pay him a visit at the Bandel Church. The Basilica of the Holy Rosary stands as a testimony to the Portuguese past of the area. This exquisite church is a part of the Roman Catholic  Archdiocese of Kolkata. The original church established in 1599 was vandalised by the moors and replaced by the structure that we see at present. There's a ship's mast in the church-front as a symbol of thanksgiving by the captain of a vessel that was protected by the presiding mother of the church on the Bay Of Bengal. This Church takes you back in time and infuses the place with a sense of timelessness. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in all of Bengal. It has three gorgeous alters, some old and interesting tombstones, an antique organ and a breath-taking shrine to Mother Mary. Located at a distance of 40 Kms from Kolkata, this church is very easily accsible from the metropolis. If you want to put your mind at rest and feel one with God, then this is the place to be, this is the place.

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