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World Nepal Bagmati Kathmandu Osho Tapoban
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Bagmati Osho Tapoban


As you must have already guessed Osho Tapoban is for the people who are drawn to Osho and his approach to life. Located in the Nagarjun Hill in Kathmandu region of Nepal, it is a place to meditate and relieve yourself from all the stress and tension of daily life. The place has their distinct style which is quite similar to the Osho resort in Pune.

The place has a very soothing environment with lots of greenery and wilderness which will automatically draw you towards nature. It is basically an International retreat center which provides facilities like meditation unit, workshops and therapy sessions. Being connected to Buddhism, special celebrations are also conducted at the Tapoban related to Buddha.

If you want to enjoy scenic beauty of a mountain the closest mountain viewpoint is Kakani which is almost 24 km far and takes about an hour to reach. The mesmerizing view from this peak is worth all the effort.

“Once you have tasted meditation it is impossible for you to be in any misery. Bliss becomes inevitable.” (Osho) Osho Tapoban is the place to experience this bliss!

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