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World India Maharashtra Lonavala Bhaja Cave
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India Maharashtra Bhaja Cave


Bhaja caves are located near Lonavala which is glamorous in comparison to the unexplored, un-crowded Bhaja caves that provide you with the peace you are looking for in your little city getaway. Lonavala is still a city- a town buzzing with tourists which is quite the opposite of what Bhaja caves are since they haven’t been explored much.

These caves can be reached after a very short, 30-40 minutes trek up the stone stairs leading to the magnificently constructed Buddhist caves. It is recommended that this spot be visited during the monsoon season- for a more pleasant experience. A season where we can enjoy a massive waterfall coming down right next to the way leading to Bhaja caves. We can witness scenic beauty in many places in the lonavala-Khandala region, but what we cannot usually find is an amazing story and an incredible history about the place which is so beautiful but also magical and significant.

Carved into the rock, the Karla and Bhaja caves are a celebration of early Buddism in the area which should be a feature of any traveler to the area’s itinary. The complex contains two sets of caves, each with its own prayer rooms and living quarters. A combination of carving and teakwood, the effect of the rock and wood combined is magnificent. These are caves dating back to the Hinayana phase and the Theravadin phase of early Buddhism.

To witness this extraordinary piece of architecture- massive well planned caves built for meditation in 4th century AD, at least one visit is a must. Visiting Bhaja caves can be an excellent one-day adventure plan, but only for those who like a little trek or people who appreciate history along with nature’s beauty. There are not a lot of facilities nearby and hence, if you are looking for a luxury trip, this is not the destination for you. However, this place deserves to be explored and appreciated and if you’re a traveler, it’s a must-visit! Visiting Bhaja caves will take you away from the buzz of the city and will allow you to taste a slice of nature’s beauty. 

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