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World Sri Lanka Southern Province Hambantota Bundala National Park
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Southern Province Bundala National Park


Characterized by glistening lagoons, calming waterways and textured dunes, Bundala National Park is a home to a variety of rare and migratory birds, elephants and other smaller animals. The park holds a reputation for being an enchanting place where one can relish the chirping of birds, the sound of water lapping and the constant buzz of bees and butterflies.

Unlike the other national parks of Sri Lanka that are famous for their large mammal populations, Bundala provides exceptional opportunities for bird watching and observing sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs on the coast. A major attraction at the park is the visit of migratory flamingos, which come in mighty flocks of thousands, usually from December to March.  Though the elephant population is minimal, visitors can spot plenty of crocodiles, giant squirrels and civets. Bundala is known to be a bird watching paradise, and even those who have no interest in birds, are left dumbstruck by the beautiful scenery across the park. Sunsets by the lagoon never fail to impress, with hues of orange and gold spreading across the sky, any viewer would be left intoxicated. Bundala, therefore, has something to offer for everyone, be it the nature, animal or bird lovers. 

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