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World Sri Lanka North Central Province Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka Wilpattu National Park
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Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka
North Central Province Wilpattu National Park


A topographical wonder, Wilpattu National Park is a treat for the eye! Every type of habitat, from shrubbery, dense forests, vast grasslands to coastlands, attract a wide variety of animals, birds and insects. The national park is mainly known for the innumerable water tanks and shallow lakes that are scattered all over, surrounded by open shrubs and wooded jungles that form beautiful landscapes. The population of leopards and sloth bears is large, however, spotting them is a major task.

Animals like elephants, deer, wild pigs, crocodiles and jackals are more easily seen around the park. Reptiles are present in huge numbers; slithery snakes like cobras and pythons share the grounds with endemic star turtles and monitor lizards that roam around everywhere. Due to the abundance of water bodies, gorgeous white storks and other little birds can be seen hunting the fish and making ground nests. And of course, the colourful butterflies are a sight one cannot miss! Wilpattu also has historical significance as many olden ruins of prosperous villages and palaces are present on certain parts of the park. Being the largest national park in the country, Wilpattu has amazing experiences to offer, ranging from the scenery to the variety of wildlife, and no other park can match up to it! 

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